Debate#5 Is social media ruining childhood? Agree or Not

With the rapid advancement of technology, we are always looking for the latest and greatest device or gadgets.Although it makes our life a lot easier and more interesting, it also has a significant drawback. One big issue or concern is our inability to communicate with one another. Nowadays, it’s rare to find someone who doesn’t have their phone in their hands. This became a huge source of anxiety for me because I am not hooked on my phone and like to live in the moment. When my family gets together in the living room to unwind at the end of the day, I observe that everyone has their phone in their hand and no one looks at one other or has a genuine conversation.


If I talk about kids, parents are finding it more difficult to spend quality time with their children because they are stressed out by work and family ties. These days our nanny is Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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Our children’s character is changing dramatically as a result of the rapid proliferation of social media, smartphones, and digital devices at school and at home. Young children are increasingly turning to the internet for pleasure and connectivity, using tablets and smartphones as their primary devices. Unfortunately, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and whatever else kids use these days only nurture a generation who faces difficulties in face-to-face interactions.

In our class debate, Gunpreesh, Dami, and Fasiha came up with very strong points that how we have forgotten the days when children use to play outside in the evening, eating bubble gums and skating. These days social media app has overruled outdoor activities and kids love to scroll through their news feed rather than playing any game. It is becoming an addiction that ultimately is ruining the health of kids. They are getting affected by diseases like anxiety, stress, myopia, and so on. Moreover, we cannot ignore cyberbullying. People abuse their authority for more harm than good, resulting in cyberbullying, which is a separate topic for discussion. Others may use it to defraud you or engage in other heinous acts. However, one advantage of having technology is that information is easily distributed and we can get what we need to know faster, and communication is now possible at the speed of light, which is also incredibly useful. I remember the days when a blue whale challenge came on the games app and how many kids did suicide and died because of that challenge.


But we cannot ignore the benefits of social media. As said by Jennifer – ‘People fear change and they fear social media too. Social media is helping in building relationships and it especially helps those who feel like rejected in society.  As explained in Mike’s Nine elements of Digital Citizenship, parents and teachers can teach the kids how they use social media wisely and how they can be respectful online.

9 Elements
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Team 2 came up with an example of Swimming that it needs guidance and supervision and the same applies with social media, Dami came up with a point that Kids are natural swimmers. I want to say that I agree that kids are natural swimmers but if proper practice, supervision, and guidance are not given then a kid can be in a dangerous situation.

All in all, I want to say that we cannot avoid social media but I think one can be kind on the internet and create beautiful memories as these memories are on a place which we call as internet and will stay there till we remove them.

  1. Amanpreet, I appreciate your point of view about social media. You have beautifully expressed both sides’ views. However, according to me Social Media may also become a major distraction and lead to a lack of sleep and poor academic performance. Ultimately, it is difficult for kids to unplug from technology at all times of the day.

  2. I think social media in moderation can be a really good thing for kiddos, especially those who feel socially isolated or that they do not belong wherever they are. Social media can be detrimental to learning, however, when regulated can be inspirational for learners who use it properly.

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