Technology in Day-to-Day life

Technology has changed our day-to-day life. According to me, it has revolutionized the world. One can work, play, and learn with just a single device in hand. Moreover, technology is replacing the old technology and it’s changing our lifestyle. If I talk about education, indeed the use of computers has transformed education. One can store plenty of data in it which has replaced bookshelves. We have also seen in the Covid times how technology has benefitted everyone in their day-to-day tasks. Students were able to study online; people were able to continue their jobs with the work-from-home facility.

Technology in Education

I use technology every day. If I talk about technology in the educational field, I use Zoom for my classes, Discord, Emails, Google drive, and surfing Google on both laptop and mobile. Apart from this, I use some special tools like Microsoft office, Canva, Google sheets for my assignments. I think without computer my education will stop or it will be more difficult for me to study. Now I cannot imagine my education without a computer and the internet. Moreover, in the Pandemic, I was able to continue my Masters from India and I wonder if there would be no technology or internet, then how different my life would be.

Technology in Daily Life

In my routine, I use my phone for setting up alarms, reminders, and notes and even I make my grocery list on my phone. With just one click my life has become easier with the help of technology. I use some apps like Amazon, Instacart, Doordash, PC express, and so on. With the help of these apps, I save my time and can get anything at any place. Moreover, in terms of traveling, I sometimes use Uber and reach my destination. In my view, these applications have made our life easier and we do not realize it.

How (and When) to Limit Kids' Tech Use - Smarter Living Guides - The New  York Times

Technology for Social life

Mobile phones help me to get in contact with my family and friends. Just by pressing one button, I make video calls with my family in India and feel that they are beside me. No doubt technology has shortened our distance. I also use some apps to become social such as Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. These all help me to stay in touch with my friends. Also, I have joined some educational and tech pages which increases my knowledge in day-to-day life. For my leisure time, I spent time on YouTube, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. I enjoy watching movies, shows, and comedies.

All in all, technology has become a need for all of us and with its advancement of it, we are connecting the world more efficiently. One should be cautious while using some of the applications and always behave in the right manner.

Always remember that:

“technology is not a life but it makes our life sorted”.

  1. Hi Amanpreet,

    Thank you for sharing your technology routine in your education, daily life, and social life. Over the years, technology has revolutionized our world and daily lives. With all of these revolutions, technology has also made our lives easier, faster, better, and more fun. I really like the quote you put at the end. “technology is not a life but it makes our life sorted.” Everything has two sides. Technology has helped our life, but, on the other side, technology is also ruining our life. People become addicted to technology, and children become excessive use of technology, which can cause so many problems. Because of the COVID pandemic, children have gone to virtual classes instead of face-to-face classes. It may cause a series of problems, such as reduced self-confidence, low social skills, anxiety, depression, etc. My workplace has a counselling department, and I heard them say since COVID, there is a surge in increasing counselling appointments with children because of virtual study at home. Even though the virtual study is not a choice because of COVID at that time, when we have a choice, we should never let technology take over our life. Great thoughts for your post!

  2. Thank-you for sharing your thoughts on technology. You certainly have benefited from many aspects of technology in your life. I often wonder is there a limit to what the human brain can manage….are we meant to operate like computers or should we find middle ground.

  3. I can relate so much with your use of technology to connect with family in a situation where otherwise, it would be impossible! During the pandemic, I was so grateful for messenger apps and FaceTime so I could have what felt like real conversations with my grandma. Her apartment had extremely strict rules and protocols surrounding COVID so there was hardly any opportunity to see her in person. I would have missed her so much more had these platforms and applications not allowed me to connect with her. I am not saying this is the same thing as the distance between you and your loved ones in India, but I can at least slightly relate to the thankfulness for this type of tech 🙂

  4. Your opening comment about the constant march of technology really rings true to me. I remember getting my first Ipod, which seems like only yesterday, and this week Apple announced that they are permanently discontinuing them! Furthermore I can’t remember the last time I actually purchased a physical book as read exclusively on my e-reader and phone now.

    I too use technology to stay in contact with my family members in Ontario, which although not as far away as your family, feels like the other side of the world. If it wasn’t for Facetime I would have lost almost 2 years of time with my young niece.

  5. Thank you for sharing your technological insights. I enjoyed how you divided technology into categories like technology in education, technology in daily life, and technology in social life. I completely agree with you; technology plays a significant role in our daily lives, from setting an alarm on our phones to attending an online class, performing computations, taking notes, and setting reminders. Technology has made our lives so much easier, and it has even superseded conventional educational methods.

    • Thank you for the informative post. The quote ” technology is not a life but makes our life sorted” resonated with me as technology now make our lives easier, faster, better, and more fun. In all technology merges with all parts of our lives.

  6. Great Post Amanpreet! I often think about how lucky I have been to take all of my Masters classes online too. Without online classes I am not sure I would have continued. While the pandemic made online education necessary for awhile I did find it very hard on my children who were in Grade 1 & 2 and am so glad they are back in the classroom.

  7. I too depend on technology for a lot of things, from using my calendar for scheduled events, to taking pictures, checking the news and more! I depend on it very much in a lot of ways that I do not even realize.

    I also appreciate that I have been able to do the last five courses online. It has made life a lot more convenient with a toddler and working full time. I mean, I miss the university atmosphere, but I do have to say that it has been really convenient and I have been appreciating it a lot.

  8. Hey Amanpreet,
    I loved the quote you used in the end. I feel that my life is dependent on technology so much that there’s no going back from here. Of course, technology is not everything but it has contributed a lot to our lives. Talking to my mom twice a day feels like a gift, all thanks to technology.

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