EC&I 830 Summary of Learning

Wow. Time has flown so fast. It was a short journey but a wonderful one. I am grateful to Dr. Katia and all my classmates for such a knowledgeable journey. I have learned a lot from EC&I 830 course. The debates were very interesting and we all worked hard to critically bring the views and recognise others’ views and ideas in the debates.

I worked with my classmate Lovepreet and together we have completed our Summary of Learning. I am also thankful to Lovepreet for her time and efforts in this assignment.

Below is the link of my summary of learning

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  1. Great job, Amanpreet and Lovepreet. It is certainly true that this class has expanded my knowledge base. I look forward to taking all this insight back into the classroom. Thank you for your insights during class discussions. Best wishes to you both in all your future endeavors.

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