Ribble’s Nine Elements and Its Connection with my Major Project

With the growth and advancement in technology, education has also stepped into digital world. Now along with digitalization, some responsibilities also come on the users and this responsible use of technology is referred as Digital Citizenship. This term is not that popular and we often talk about educational environment in digital world. Both teachers and students need some skill to understand the tools and digital devices. This area is often neglected as we take things for granted and one doesn’t care about a healthy online communication. In my class, Dr. Mike Ribble gave an overview for what exactly Digital Citizenship is and how we can make it better. Dr. Ribble pointed out nine elements that cover how one can be good citizen online.

Ribble’s Nine Digital Elements

Text source: fractuslearning.com/digital-citizenship-poster/

Practicing Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is a wide area and it requires good planning for implementation. Teachers should be ensured that students understand the pros and cons of the digital world. There can be some ways by using of which teachers and students can become a good digital citizens and there are:

Fake News: It refers to false information and it alters the opinions of people posting the comments online. The fake news is biased and it degrades the image of someone. It is always recommended to ignore such news and prevent themselves from rumors.

Clickbait: Fake news and Clickbait are interconnected. Clickbait refers to an eye-catching headline, video, image or text that attracts the interest of the user. These are run by some organization who wants more clicks on their website to increase their online presence.

Security: New malwares can affect your computers and can steel every data. These virus can even track your clicks made on the device. Hackers steel the credit card information, credentials of social media and misuse them. It is always advised to be make a strong password and change it regularly. Use VPNs and install anti-virus software in the computers.

Connection of Nine Elements with Major Project

Although all the Ribble’s nine elements can be connected to my major project but I will talk about a few here.

Firstly, I think that out of nine elements, the digital literacy is the most important that I want to connect with my major project. This elements says that a student and teacher should have knowledge of online media and as I will use Facebook, Instagram along with the Gamification tools. So knowledge of the tools and application is foremost important.

Secondly, the element that I want to pick is digital commerce. It refers to buying and selling online. If I talk about Gamification, there are many educational paid games on the internet. Students should be aware that which website is legit and from where it is safe to purchase online stuff.

How we can forget digital security? In my major project as I will explain more about use of social media and passwords plays an important role in it. Weak passwords can be easily hacked and it is always recommended to use alpha-numeric along with special characters while creating a password. Also, teachers should tell about phishing, online scams, backing-up the data and identity theft.

  1. Amanpreet, through your blog you have shared many useful points as it’s very important for us to learn a secure and safe digital world. Privacy settings are an important element, as much we are growing with this technology, Digital security plays a vital role in it.

  2. What a beautiful connection of ribble’s nine elements with your major project. I completly agree with you, knowledge of tools and its applocations really plays an important role in teacher and student’s life.

  3. Amanpreet, I love gamification and can’t wait to see how you apply it. You did a good job of scaffolding to get to that point by teaching about commerce and security. I can’t wait to see what you do!

  4. I like the way you connected elements of digital citizenship with your project. I am looking forward to your major project blogs but I am more excited to follow your journey of exploring gamification….

  5. I think kiddos would love gamification. I am interested to see how you are going to do that, and what plans you have for it. I wish I was a bit stronger in that area and was able to create some of my own virtual games that kiddos could really buy into. I know I can make them without technology, but one day, I hope to be better at making game learning with technology.

  6. I really appreciate your outline of the subconcepts within Ribble’s nine elements. What types of gamification are you looking into Amanpreet?

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